• Gina Niederhumer

Residency at the Salzamt, Linz

What did I expect, when I came to Linz? Before one arrives somewhere, one has some kind of idea, however loose this might be...but reality is always different...well...its 'real'.

To find my way to what ever it was that this time in a familiar place from long ago would offer me...I walked a lot...visited family and friends... dried my wet shoes...and walked some more...took pictures...and waited for some 'inner' response. An Echo...which would provide me with something to work with.

And it the gentle unfolding of thoughts...a listening to 'story' that the photos whispered which trailed back in time...and spun me now. In this atmosphere of no pressure and free time to do what ever I liked...I experienced a new nurturing calmness that made me quite brave and brought out a wild energy that I had thought I had lost along the way of becoming a mother...but here it was...I felt it in my paintbrushes and in the mess I made!

Now that I am approaching my last week here, I take stock of what has happened so far.

The Atelier I was given overlooks the Danube...a dream to work in...light and warm and lots of my own. The building goes back to the late Middle Ages when it served as a warehouse for the Salt that was traded with Bohemia and Moravia on the major North-South trading route (according to the Salzamt website).

Soon I designated my work areas into: the thinking couch...the paint table...the design table and the textile area. And having all this space available, I started quite a few different works. Last week I realises that I had to narrow them down to actually 'sort of finish' something.

To bring closure to my time here and share with those who watched my coming and going from the 'rim', I have an 'open studio' next week.

Monday 30th May .... 15:00 - 16:00 ...Atelier 7....Salzamt, Obere Donaulände 15.

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